domingo, 12 de mayo de 2013

Short films for 'Girl Who Got Away'

From Here With Dido we want to initiate this project with the aim to spread Dido's music. With the publication of her previous album, Safe Trip Home, Dido initiated a project called "Safe Trip Home: A journey through film and music" in which artists of the whole world presented a series of short films with each of the songs of the album. Our aim now is to realize a similar project between the fans with the new album, 'Girl Who Got Away'.

All that you have to do is to select a song of the new album and record a video of similar length to the song that you have chosen. You can base on the lyric of the song, on what this song means to you or simply show your more artistic vein to create a small movie. Later only it will be necessary that you send us the video to This way we will upload the videos to Youtube to start a vote in which the most voted videos will be sent to Dido. You can send the videos until June 30th.

In the following link you can see some of the short films made for Safe Trip Home. In addition a few days ago Jonathan Muñoz sent us this short film made with the song Let's Runaway:

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